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The GM Mobility Program

The people at General Motors of Canada Limited, and GM dealers nationwide, know just how important mobility is if you have a disability. We also know that finding appropriate sources of mobility-related information and financing can be frustrating.

That's why, with the assistance of the Saint Elizabeth Health Care and the Bridgepoint Community Rehab Drive Assesment and Training Center, we've put together an extensive collection of information, resources and a reimbursement of up to $1,000 towards the cost of adapting your GM vehicle.

Call the GM Canada Mobility Assistance Centre toll-free at 1-800-GM-DRIVE to find out how you can qualify for this special reimbursement of up to $1,000. We'll send you helpful information on the variety of GM vehicles available for adaptation and on how the reimbursement can be applied, even if you secure other funding assistance for your conversion.

The following sections will help you determine how to select the proper adaptive equipment and vehicle that's right for you.

Which adaptive equipment that's appropriate for you depends on many variables. To meet your needs, you can take advantage of the information and resources brought together by:
  • the GM Canada Mobility Program
  • GM Canada dealers and GMAC mobility equipment installers
  • driver assessment facilities
  • rehabilitation services agencies

and others available to assist you. This resource team can become an important part of your support system. To take advantage of those resources, we recommend taking these steps:

1. Obtain an evaluation.

Contact a driver assessment facility to arrange for a complete evaluation. The evaluation should include an assessment of your sensory motor function, cognitive processing, general knowledge and an on-road performance evaluation in an appropriately modified vehicle. The evaluation should also include a review of your medical history, driving history and driver's licence status. The assessment report should include recommendations on driving and a complete list of vehicle modification recommendations.

2. Contact the Provincial Ministry of Transportation.

In most provinces, people are required to report any changes in their medical status to the Provincial Ministry of Transportation. Some medical conditions may affect your ability to operate a motor vehicle and can produce a potentially dangerous situation, both for you and the general public. When you report a change in your medical status to the Provincial Ministry of Transportation, the ministry may conduct a medical review, and may allow you to retain your driving privileges with restrictions. Failure to report a change in your medical status may put your driver's licence status in jeopardy.

3. Select the proper vehicle.

Do not purchase a vehicle before consulting a professional. Although there is a broad range of vehicles and adaptive equipment available, finding the appropriate match can be difficult. Space limitations in vehicles, vehicle use, family size and the type of equipment required are all factors that must be considered. Your GM Canada dealer, an adaptive equipment installer and a driver assessment professional can work together to assist you.

4. Select a qualified equipment installer.

When selecting a mobility equipment dealer, shop around and inquire about the qualifications, warranty, service practices and capabilities of the dealer. Consider more than just initial cost, and ask the company for a list of references. A driver evaluation facility and your provincial rehabilitation services agency are good sources of information about mobility equipment installers in your area.

5. Obtain proper training.

The equipment installer and/or driver evaluator should train you in the proper use, care and maintenance of the adaptive equipment and vehicle control system. You should drive the vehicle under the supervision of a qualified driving instructor until you can demonstrate adequate driving skills.

For more information on driver assessment programs, mobility equipment installers in your area and how to participate in the GM Canada Mobility Program, ask your GM Canada dealer or contact the GM Canada Mobility Assistance Centre.

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